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How Contact Lenses Helped An Olympic Gymnast Improve Her Game

By: Optometry Times – March, 2018 www.optometrytimes.modernmedicine.com

U.S. gold medal gymnast Laurie Hernandez speaks exclusively with Optometry Times and discusses how daily disposable contact lenses helped to improve her vision when competing.

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Learning How To Manage Scared Noncompliant Patients

By: Optometry Times – January, 2018 www.optometrytimes.modernmedicine.com

Fear of going blind (scotomaphobia) ranks high on the list of people’s most feared medical conditions.1 Phobias, by definition, are irrational and can cause patients to act irrationally. A prime example would be when a patient becomes too scared to comply with follow-up care and retreats into denial and/or ignorance of his condition.

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7 Tips for Safer Lens Wear with Cosmetics

By: Optometry Times – March, 2017 www.optometrytimes.modernmedicine.com

Many contact lens-wearing patients ask their eyecare professional (ECP) about makeup brands, applying makeup, and how this affects their contact lens wear. What we use on our faces likely ends up either on the contact lenses before insertion or in our eyes on the lenses.

This includes facial moisturizers, eye makeup remover, makeup primers, and most importantly mascara. A few tips regarding wearing cosmetics and contact lens wear can help our patients wear their lenses with more comfort.

Full Tips List: Click Here

– See more at: http://optometrytimes.modernmedicine.com/


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