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Join the $700 million online contact lens marketplace.

This complimentary, fully customizable, e-commerce solution for your practice.

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Contact lens orders through your own online store from any device, anywhere, any time!

Provide the easy convenience of online ordering that patients expect. EyeSubscribe™ subscription-based renewal tool is included. Better serve your patients while improving your overall sales.

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Complimentary. Customizable.

Powerful Benefits.

  • You Control All Products and Pricing
  • Sell Only the Products You Want
  • Mobile-Friendly Format
  • Simple Setup, Easy Patient Enrollment
  • Tiered Pricing
  • Renewal Profits Stay in Your Practice
  • Match the Look and Feel of Your Practice
  • Upload Your Own Images, Choose Your Colors
  • EyeSubscribe™, Subscription-Based Ordering
  • Direct-To-Patient Shipping

Customize Each Element of YourStore™.

Your images. Your products. Your prices.

YourStore™ looks and feels like and extension of your practice! There is no reference to WVA. It exists to strengthen YOUR practice's image and your brand only.

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Subscription-Based Solution.

Don't let recurring online sales slip away to the competition.

Easily enroll patients in Eyesubscribe™ while they are still in office - making it easier for your staff to sell a full annual supply. No additional work for your office. When it is time to reorder, you simply approve the patient's prescription as you would any online order.

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Level the playing field with YourStore™.

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