WVA Buying Group FAQ

How do I join the WVA Buying Group?

To join the WVA Buying Group you will need to fill out a membership application, as well as a Buying Group Agreement. Both of these forms may be found online at www.wisvis.com, under the Buying Group Tab. Once your application and agreement have been processed, we will contact you with your account number.

How do I activate my WVA Buying Group account if I already order contacts through WVA?

If you are already a member of WVA for contact lens distribution, you will need to fill out the Buying Group Agreement. We will then transfer your accounts and we will notify you when complete.

Do I need an additional WVA Buying Group account number if I have more than one office?

WVA provides unique account numbers for each office location, whether it is a primary office or a subsidiary office.

How do I notify my vendors that I have joined the WVA Buying Group?

For your convenience, we will ask you to provide current account numbers for the vendors you would like to bill through WVA. We will then contact those vendors on your behalf and notify them that all billing will now be through WVA.

What if a vendor that I purchase from is not part of the WVA buying Group?

Please contact WVA and we will work to assist you.

How do I order using my WVA Buying Group account?

You will continue to order directly through your vendors. When placing an order, you will simply provide them with your account number for that vendor. Important: You will not use your WVA account when ordering.

How will my purchases be shipped when ordering through the WVA Buying Group?

Shipping arrangements are made between you and the vendor that you are ordering from. Joining the WVA Buying Group will not enhance or change this.

Does WVA charge an administration fee?

Unlike traditional buying groups, WVA offers a fixed annual administration fee of $1,500 plus $290.00 for each additional location. This allows you to know your expenses upfront, and as you grow your practice and purchases, the inherent profits
remain in your pocket.

Can I pay my administrative fee in monthly installments?

Your administration fee will always be assessed with 30/60/90/120 day billing.

If I stop using the WVA Buying Group, will my administration fee be refunded?

WVA Buying Group will not be able to refund the annual administrative fee.

How do I return product purchased using the WVA Buying Group?

The returned product is sent back to the vendor from which it was purchased. Please retain a copy of your credit receipt. The credit you receive from the vendor will be applied to your WVA statement and can be used for any purchases through WVA.

When is my monthly payment due?

WVA Buying Group sends out its statement on the second business day of the month. The statement will list the date when your payment is due.

Can I short-pay my statement if I send back a return that has yet to be processed?

WVA will not allow you to short pay the amount of your pending credits.

Is there a prompt pay incentive?

All prompt pay discounts are contained in the gross discount.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes. WVA accepts MasterCard, Visa, and Discover Card. You will receive full discounts less 2.5% and will not be eligible for YourRewards.

Can I change my payment declaration from credit card to check or vice-versa?

Yes, WVA members are awarded one membership amendment per year. WVA will provide you with the proper forms upon request.

What happens if my payment is late?

WVA reserves the right to charge a 2.5% late fee on funds that are not postmarked by the due date listed on your WVA statement. In addition, you may forfeit the discount WVA gives you.

Who do I call if I have questions?

Please call WVA customer service at 1-800-747-9000 and we will assist you.

Any other questions regarding the WVA Buying Group can be directed to 800.747.9000 x3